With the introduction of the new Biosecurity Act 2015 there has been a key change in relation to the wording of an acceptable packing declaration for clearance of containerised import shipments.


The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DWAR or Quarantine) has advised that the first statement on the packing declaration will change to read “Unacceptable Packing Statement” rather than “Prohibited Packaging Material Statement”.


Any packing declarations bearing the old wording will NOT be accepted from 1 June 2017.


A copy of the new template is attached, please ensure you are using this for all future containerised shipments, and anything that will arrive after 1 June 2017 if it has already sailed.


Please pass this new template to any suppliers that you may be requesting documentation from, or if you are a supplier yourselves, please kindly help to complete this new format declaration for your consignees.


Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact myself, Darren or Jen in our office.


Current Packing Declaration