Due to a large number of interceptions of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs being found on and in all containerized and break bulk cargo imported from the US, the Department of Agriculture (the Department) is introducing emergency measures for all cargo shipped from the United States.

The current measures for in-transit Break Bulk/RORO cargo include vigorous inspections, fumigation both on the vessel, and also individually once discharged with 48 hours.

As of Monday, 23 February 2015, high risk cargo arriving in Australia from United States east coast ports will require offshore treatment including fumigation before departure.

Containerized cargo will be assessed individually on arrival for anything already in transit from the US, and any future shipments will require offshore treatment, seals intact on arrival.

Department of Agriculture has released a FAQ document which clarifies further the requirements.

For further more detailed information please contact us, 07 3414 4334 or the Dept. of Agriculture.